Women’s day 2017

November 28, 2018

Minister of State for Defense Affairs UAE Women’s Day 2017.

Woman is the school of the nation and first educator and half of society .We are proud of the achievements of the Emirati daughter, mother, sister and wife in her journey towards the prospects of the future by creating the future of a nation that is respected by all nations. Emirati women have been involved in all fields together with men and have become a model of pride.

Emirati women are a key partner in building the society, renaissance, progress and prosperity of the country, as well as in defending its boarders. Therefore, our leadership has been keen on rehabilitating and empowering it to be the partner of the Emirati man, supporting him in a journey full of successes and achievements.

Emirati women have become an active player in the development process and national work due to the unlimited support of His Highness” God bless him” Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. We are confident that the role of Emirati women will become more prominent and deeper in the future because of the confidence of the wise leadership in its potential and the importance of its role to advance the process of state building and progress in all fields.

By her persistent support and courage of her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, the Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation and the President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Emirati women have achieved distinguished positions in the overall cultural renaissance of the State. The daughter of the UAE has been the highest-ranking leader in the government sector, as well as in the private and other various sectors.

We, at the Ministry of Defense, are proud of our team of Emirati girls, whether civilian or military, who have demonstrated their ability to carry out the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to them to highlight the role of the Ministry with all efficiency and competence, including their involvement in armed forces to defend the homeland and its gains.

The good and the giving is a slogan that is proud of the wise leadership and the people of the UAE, men and women alike, where the state was distinguished among nations by humanitarian work and its white hands extended to the needy wherever they are and whatever they are. The daughter of the United Arab Emirates has proved herself to perform many humanitarian and voluntary tasks inside and outside the country without hesitation. Her work alongside her brothers in the service of this country with all honesty, sincerity and self-denial reflects the highest meaning of giving and comes as a result of good planting and good youth. They are the true youth that the generations of our people have raised towards the love and sacrifice of their homeland; these are the sons of Zayed’s good and giving. Thus, the journey of the UAE continues under the auspices of God to become a journey mixed with the achievements of its sincere sons and daughters and highlighting its regional and international role.

The giving of Emirati women is an authentic feature of its nature. We will not forget the sacrifices of the mothers of the martyrs and their noble positions in resilience. They are symbols of pride; sacrifice for the sake of the ultimate goal and nobility and for the homeland.

We celebrate Women’s Day every day for their unceasing giving and contributions to the overall state-sponsored contribution.

On the anniversary of your day, dear daughter of the UAE, I extend to you the most sincere thanks and gratitude for your active role in building society, promoting the nation. Sincere thanks to your work with great diligence, perseverance and loyalty. Thank you for your leading role in preparing generations and raising children to build a strong and cherished homeland. Greetings of appreciation to the women of the UAE. You are the makers of nations and the success of generations and enablers of renaissance and strength of the United Arab Emirates.