The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense attends the Manama Dialogue

His Excellency Matar Salem Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, headed to the Bahraini capital, "Manama" to attend the activities of the Manama Dialogue Conference in its 15th session, which takes place over three days with the presence of a number of ministers, diplomats and specialists. This session of the Manama Summit to discuss the ways to address the repeated attacks in recent months in the Arabian Gulf, and to ensure the security and freedom of maritime navigation in the region.

The participation of the United Arab Emirates in the Manama Summit comes in view of the importance of this event in reviewing the most important opportunities and potentials of competition and regional cooperation, defense diplomacy and stability in the region and maritime security. It is also important in reviewing ways of managing conflicts, the impact of major global powers, and the formation of new alliances to achieve stability in the countries of the region.

The "Manama Dialogue" is being held this year under the title "Re-arranging the Middle East" with the aim of rearranging the region and setting new arrangements shaping its future, in conjunction with many changes and developments in the world, which require discussion and development of sustainable solutions.

In addition, the conference - in which representatives of more than 60 countries participate - will discuss several issues. The most important issue is the Iranian file, as well as the changes taking place in the geography of the economies of the Middle East region in light of the increasing links between the resources and interests of the world countries. It will also focus on asymmetric threats, unconventional wars, concepts of comprehensive cybersecurity, and the nature of the precautionary measures that must be taken and implemented to reduce their repercussions and effects.