Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense: The Emirates Space Project has become a title for the country's leading development experience

His Excellency Mattar Salem Al Dhaheri, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense, stressed that the Emirates Space project has become the title of its pioneering development experience in its Arab, regional and international surroundings. The project is also a real bet towards strengthening the country's competitiveness in the global competitive race through a path that relies on science, technology, scientific research and knowledge economy. This project contributes to creating an inspiring model based on creativity, innovation and excellence.

His Excellency said- in a statement prior to launching of Falcon Eye1 satellite - that the UAE's achievements in the field of space in the past few years showed that it possesses the ability and the will to be in the future a regional and international center for the advanced space industries. This will serve the countries and peoples of the region in various fields. The successes it has achieved in the fields of construction, development and education makes it proceed with confidence and steadfastness towards moving towards more advanced stages in the field of space.

His Excellency the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense stressed that the countries that possess a national space project are the countries that are able to enhance their competitiveness and their position on the map of developed countries. UAE has become among the leading countries in this strategic field, Which has become one of the indicators for assessing the overall strength of the state, economic, technological and defense. The uses of space industries are not limited to civil aspects, but also extend to the security, defense and military fields. UAE is well aware of this, because its space project, even if it supports its development process, serves the stability of the region and the security of the state. Satellite "Falcon Eye Program 1" will provide hundreds of high-resolution satellite images, on a daily basis, and the timing of remodeling fast, and in the shortest time, to ensure that meet the needs of users.