UAE Ministry of Defence, ICRC organise joint workshop

A three-day workshop jointly organised by the UAE Ministry of Defence, MOD, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC, began on Tuesday at the Armed Forces Officers Club in Abu Dhabi. The workshop entailed discussions on the Law of Armed Conflict during military operations.

The MOD and the ICRC aim to promote cooperation in planning joint operations, and formulate a multi-disciplinary approach to decision-making, as well as highlight the importance of the rules of engagement and raise awareness of the related role of the ICRC.

The workshop was attended by those working in operations planning, intelligence and military operations law, who discussed many key topics, such as the challenges facing the application of international humanitarian law in modern conflicts.

Major General Pilot Mubarak Ali Abdullah Al Niyadi, Head of the Executive Directorate of Policies and Cooperation at the MOD, said that the workshop is part of the ongoing cooperation between the MOD and the ICRC, which aims to reinforce their coordination in the area of international humanitarian law.

He also stressed the importance of the workshop and noted that the UAE believes in respecting the rules of international humanitarian law.

Al Niyadi then praised the ICRC’s efforts and its humanitarian role in protecting victims of armed conflicts around the world.

"The workshop was organised in cooperation with the MOD, to discuss international humanitarian laws and its application in the context of armed conflicts. Protecting civilians and providing for their needs are the core of international humanitarian laws and the Geneva Convention. Therefore, we must discuss these issues with military personnel and defence officials," said Sophie Barbier, ICRC Representative in the UAE.