Martyr’s Day 2017

November 28, 2018

Minister of State for Defense: Our martyrs have set the finest examples of courage and audacity.

We recollect the anniversary of the Martyr’s Day to increase our belief that our children are the pillars of the state and its pride. Reliance on our youth is the winning investment that never loses. This country is proud of its sons and proud of their courage and audacity. Their memory will be remembered throughout history. Allah says in the Holy Quran “And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision.”

It was the decision of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, to be a “martyr’s day” on November 30th of every year, a national symbol of the memory of the men who sacrificed their blood and souls for the land of the nation and its achievements. On this day, we cherish courageous soldiers and sons who set the finest example of manliness, dedication, fidelity, loyalty, belonging, sincerity and sacrifice.

“Our martyrs have written our history with glory and honour, as the finest example of courage by giving their lives to uphold the word of truth and fulfil their duty to defend the nation, which has provided for them, and its rights and legitimacy. Martyrdom is a pride and decoration our heroes chose to pin on their chest without hesitation since they have join the military. Their destiny was to gain the honorable status of martyrdom; their parents are proud and joyful to register their names with letters of light in the record of honor and history.

This day comes to pay tribute to the mothers and fathers of the martyrs who have sacrificed their children and did not hesitate to offer them for the homeland, to uphold the word of truth. In their belief in their faith, they give the world a lesson in strength, toughness, patience and tolerance, and a noble example of patriotism and loyalty, and they embody the meanings of sacrifice in the most beautiful images, respond to the call of duty through their children, and embody their altruism the meaning of obedience and duty.

We offer to the wives of our martyrs and their children all our support, and we tell them that they have the right to be proud and lift their heads high. Their patience has inspired our resolve, and their sacrifices have strengthened the meaning of cohesion between the country’s people and leadership. The strength of their faith has confirmed the cohesion and harmony of this society, under one word and one leadership and one love for the nation of unity.

We also send a message of pride and appreciation to our Armed Forces, which have harnessed all its resources, capabilities and services to serve the nation. Our Armed Forces has contributed, through its national service, to preparing and training of our sons and the soldiers of our military, to be physically and morally prepared to respond and defend our nation and its achievements with their souls, in the name of love for our nation, with pride and courage. The values of sacrifice and allegiance in their greatest forms shine through them.

May Allah Almighty have mercy on our martyrs and heroes and grant them a place in heaven, and inspire their parents with patience and solace. May Allah Almighty save our children in the fields of pride and honor and hand them victory. May Allah Almighty save the UAE, its leadership, and its people.