Our Vision

A Proactive institution that ensures the UAE’s national defence‭, ‬sovereignty and victory against evolving threats to the nation‭.‬

Our Mission

To ensure the UAE’s national defence and advance its interests by understanding the strategic operating environment‭, ‬designing future‭ ‬–‭ ‬oriented defence strategy and policy‭, ‬and ensuring strategically prioritized development and utilization of national capabilities‭, ‬all in collaboration with other national entities and our international allies‭.‬

About Us

The Higher Defence Council was established and it issued Resolution No. (1) on the day of the unification of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates in May 1976. Since the unification decision, the Ministry of Defence has achieved many successes and pioneer steps in many forums. The Ministry of Defence is looking forward to opening new horizons for its strategic vision and its public policy in an efficient way through which it can keep pace with the global boom witnessed by the whole world. The Ministry of Defence is looking forward to the development and design of a modern policy and high-level strategy to achieve its main objectives. To achieve those important goals The Ministry has sought to modernize and improve its defence apparatus, review its role and establish the civil service, in line with the new phase witnessed by the United Arab Emirates in particular, the region and the world in general.

The importance of enhancing the role of the Ministry of Defence comes from creating standards and characteristics based on the Ministry’s defensive capabilities. This can be done through reinforcing the forward-looking strategic vision, and strengthening its main role by enhancing its defense capacity, developing its strategic policies and affairs, creating institutional cooperation and establishing joint committees, and maintaining their independency. Then the ministry needs to enhance the application of policies by establishing a strategic oversight body, maintain and improve its effective role, and maintain interoperability in decision-making between the Ministry and the General Headquarters to reach the Ministry of Defence’s main objective of preserving the earnings of the country and prepare to meet future needs.